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Newest update from Safe Harbor:BSO lieutenant charged with fraud, working second job while on duty

  • Broward Sheriff's Office Lt. Eric Wright was charged with one count of organized scheme to defraud and 14 counts of grand theft. Investigators said he was working a second job while he was supposed to be on duty in Weston.
Broward Sheriff's Office Lt. Eric Wright was charged with one count… (BSO/Handout )  

Concerning her hostile takeover of Safe Harbor, how is what PBSO employee, Carol Verdigi  doing, any different from the story below?

June 8, 2012|By Paula McMahon, Sun Sentinel

A Broward Sheriff's Office lieutenant turned himself in at the county jail Friday afternoon on 15 felony charges. He is accused of stealing more than $10,000 from taxpayers by working a series of second jobs on the other side of the county when he was supposed to be on duty. 


Eric Wright, 50, was assigned to a supervisor's job in Weston. But a Sheriff's Office investigation showed that on 14 occasions when he was supposed to be on duty, he was actually working so-called off-duty details at Deerfield Beach High School and a Pompano Beach restaurant, or was just absent without permission.

Wright, a 28-year veteran law enforcement officer, surrendered at the main jail in downtown Fort Lauderdale about 3:45 p.m. Friday. He was charged with one count of organized scheme to defraud and 14 counts of grand theft, records show.

Wright was assigned to the night shift, working 10 hours a day, four days a week from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. in Weston, investigators said. But between Aug. 5, 2010, and May 27, 2011, prosecutors said that Wright either worked special details for other employers more than 30 miles away during the time of his regularly scheduled shift or just failed to work his shift without telling his bosses.

"Stealing from the public that we serve is the worst violation of the public trust that I can imagine," said Sheriff Al Lamberti. "It won't be tolerated and he's going to be dealt with appropriately."

Wright was suspended with pay exactly one year ago. He was suspended without pay on Friday when he was arrested. Lamberti said he believes Wright should be terminated if the allegations against him are proven.

The sheriff said a routine audit of off-duty work raised a red flag about Wright's conduct. The department monitors off-duty jobs and someone noticed that Wright was working shifts for other employers at the same time he was scheduled to be at his main job.

"Our people checked and asked if he took vacation or did anyone give him permission to change his hours. The answer was 'no' and so we began an internal affairs investigation and that became a criminal case," Lamberti said.

The amount of payroll money stolen by Wright was at least $10,000, the sheriff said.

Investigators used cell phone, SunPass and GPS records to track Wright's movements, court records show.

Wright started out working for what was then the Deerfield Beach Police Department in 1983 and became a Sheriff's Office employee in 1987 when it took over the department, according to state records.

Wright is expected to be released on $15,000 bond, sheriff's officials said. If convicted, he faces a maximum punishment of five years in prison for each charge.

Efforts to contact his attorney for comment on Friday night were unsuccessful.

"Even when not working special details in other cities, Wright failed to perform his duties by arriving late for work in Weston and/or leaving early, investigators determined. In each instance, Wright did not have an excused absence, nor did he submit leave requests to compensate for the time spent not working," said Ron Ishoy, a spokesman for the Broward State Attorney's Office.

August 20, 2013

Your quote for the day:
Never doubt that a small group of
thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead (1901-1978)
American Cultural Anthropologist

To all concerned animal lovers,
I am being contacted daily by concerned animal lovers about the fate of SH. Rumor has it from some very good sources that they are going under and fast. If this happens, I can promise u that Carol, Patty and all their family of cronies will simply walk away. I am organizing an emergency/rescue meeting so that we may have an organized plan of action for the animals left behind. If you are interested and want to get involved, please call me at 561-379-2043 or message me through this site. 


                      I Need Your Help!!


August 20, 2013

To all concerned animal lovers and past Safe Harbor supporters - I need your help and the animals need your help. PLEASE, put pressure on the Palm Beach County State Attorney's office to take their Safe Harbor takeover investigation seriously.

If the people of Egypt could band together to overthrow a corrupt governm...ent, then I know that we can make this happen and get Safe Harbor back.

To do this, please send an email to:

Al Johnson - Ajohnson@sa15.org

or write the elected State Attorney, Dave Aronberg, a letter. His address is:

Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office
C/O State Attorney David Aronberg
401 N. Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

You may also call him at (561) 355-7100. Make sure to let them know you are voters with lots of friends and that you demand this investigation to be taken seriously and with severe repercussions to show others in government that government-funded hostile takeovers or private entities WILL NOT be tolerated. Lets make sure they put Carol Verdigi in jail where she belongs and get Safe Harbor back into the proper hands where it belongs.

August 2, 2013

Sorry guys, I have been out of the loop with some major kidney problems, but I'm up and back in the saddle. So here is the newest on the SH home front.

Looks like Patty Palmer's newest ploy to try and garner donations for Safe Harbor, is the martyr/pity ploy at my expense. I must say it didn't surprise me given the fact she didn't have to lift a finger or get off her lazy butt to do so. As she sat last week and tried so very hard to produce crocodile tears for Terry Parker and the cameras, she spoke of how donations were down by $70,000 and that people just weren't giving, because of all the bad press over the last several months. She then said that the funds, "I" allegedly took, while wiping away fake tears and apologizing to the camera for her moment of "weakness," was money that could have gone to the poor animals.

If you all remember, I predicted that this summer would be where the rubber met the road for this crew. Summer has always been desperate times at SH and if you are not really dedicated and passionate about what you are doing, it is next to impossible to keep the organization going. Has anyone seen these people hosting any fundraising events or pounding the pavement for donations over the last seven months? Also, if they really cared about the animals and the continued success of SH, would they have really shot the goose that laid the "Golden Egg?" They had an agenda, they shot before they aimed and they didn't care about the long term consequences for the animals or Safe Harbor. These people wanted drama and the lime light and they got it at the expense of innocent animals and destroying an amazing organization.

For those of you who didn't get a chance to catch last week's story, here's a little recap.

Patty Palmer called the media yet again, churning out, you got it, more erroneous gossip and speculation. Allegedly, Palmer pre-empted the interview with Parker telling her that she "was not" supposed to be showing her (Parker) the documents she had contacted her about. For anyone that knows her, they will tell you this is Patty's MO, always sneaky and behind the scenes, never the backbone or courage to face the people she sets out to destroy. However, we were expecting this, given it was the same week that my attorney's petitioned the courts to unseal the affidavit that allowed my home to be raided back in February. It was also the same week that my attorney's sent Palmer and SH's attorneys a kick-ass letter, calling them out on their BS.

Anyway, she allegedly showed Terry Parker receipts from our Safe Harbor bank card where it appeared that someone had gotten cash back from Publix and Walmart transactions on Christmas Eve Day! I wouldn't know, because I was never given the opportunity to look through these so called bank statements. This is also the first I had heard about their "newest" allegations. However, just to make sure that everyone gets the "rest of the story," here are some facts that were edited out of the news story:

As the CEO, my name was on everything, including our organization's credit/debit card. I assumed a lot of liability by having to use things like my social security number to secure leases and purchases, sign for credit, contracts, rental agreements, equipment leases, etc... it's a huge responsibility as well as liability, but someone has to do it, if you expect to take the organization forward. I can assure you, no one else will.

Patty Palmer told Parker that no one else had access to that card but me. That is an outrageous lie. Patty Palmer, herself, used that card on several occasions for purchases. What they failed to inform the viewers, was that the card was kept under lock and key with our Human Resources person and my personal assistant, Allison Most. When needed for SH purchases, staff had to sign the card out and return it with receipts of purchase. These are the checks and balances we had put in place for the card.

The reason we needed the card to begin with was, because we were hit hard by the recession, almost having to close our doors forever and our credit was destroyed. We were put on COD for all of our medical supply orders and hospital equipment, we lost all of our credit cards and lines of credit. We felt that having the card would provide a better checks & balances system than just giving cash or worse, an open signed check. The card was used around town at places like Publix, Walmart, Winn Dixie, pet supply stores, etc...

What I don't understand, is today, where "Big Brother" is always watching every move we make and cameras are everywhere, ATM's, check out counters, parking lots and even traffic lights, why, if this was a concern, didn't anyone "bother" to pull camera surveillance tapes? Why as the CEO, wasn't this brought to my attention by my bookkeeper who was supposed to report situations like this to me? Wouldn't this seem like the first place to start? Well, not really, because if this was the "real" reason I was let go, wouldn't you at least give me the courtesy of asking me about any suspicions or questions you might have involving the "unethical" or "illegal" use of the company card? I would have been the first to personally go down to the stores in question and asked to see the video footage myself.

We have now gone from misappropriatio
n of funds, to trying to get narcotics from my vets, to raiding my home stating "scheming" to defraud for $50,000 or more as their probable cause for a search warrant, to accusations of me sending animals to Animal Control to be killed and now their newest attack, misusing the organization's credit card for cash back. I feel like I'm losing my mind, is there no end to what lengths these people will go to try and destroy me? Do they really believe that there will be no repercussions or consequences for their evil and malicious intent?

Interestingly enough, first thing Carol Verdigi did when she got on the board was get her own SH credit/debit card. Also, her own outrageous spending on her PBSO company card has been posted on line by several watchdog groups. One month showed her spending upwards of $28,000. When I looked over some of the statements, I was floored at how much was charged to eating out, Too Jays, Okeechobee Steak House, variety of delis, local grocery stores and markets, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Pottery Barn, various florists, thousands of dollars in watches from a specialty watch company, Petsmart, etc... all paid for by, you got it, out tax dollars.

I can't count the nights I have cried myself to sleep, as have my daughters, worrying about the fate of my organization and the animals that still reside there. That's why Patty Palmer's "crocodile" tears, made me as well as others, want to throw up. I guess rather than getting off her butt and proving just how dedicated and passionate she is about SH by actually doing something to raise funds, she found it easier to once again drag me through the mud and to cry, hoping to get sympathy donations!

I was watching a documentary tonight on the holocaust. It talked about how the Nazis stole the jewish people's homes and businesses allowing the locals to then move in and take over the very properties these people had worked so hard to establish. They were then shipped off to the death camps to be brutally murdered. It's reported that the locals rationalized these atrocities, because they felt the jewish people had acquired to much and had nicer things than they. The first thing I thought of was Patty Palmer and Carol Verdigi, they seem to have a lot in common with the way these people did things. Thank God we don't have death camps today, because I feel they would have me on the first train out.

When we rationalize, accept and turn a blind eye to people being violated, persecuted and having their rights trampled on, we as a nation and society open the door for another tragedy like the holocaust. People say never again, but think about it, how else did one man get so many countries to turn a blind eye as he murdered six million innocent people.

Years ago, I designed our logo and it read "Safe Harbor, Something to Believe In." Tragically, I don't think there is anything left to "believe in" at SH. I think Patty Palmer made that quite clear in her statement about people no longer giving donations or support since they took over.

Until my next posting,
Kay-Lynette Roca
Founding CEO
Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary & Hospital

How You Can Help...


July 10th, 2013:

To all of you that have contacted me over the last few days asking what can you do, here are some suggestions.

First and for most, please contact all media, 5, 12 & 25. Ask them why the bogus investigation on me demanded around the clock reporting, but there has been no follow up on the fact that the criminal investigation is done, I'm innocent.

Second, contact the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and demand an investigation into why Carol Verdigi has been allow to manipulate and use the law as she pleases. I am told that this is the agency that has to come in to investigate, because Internal Affairs isn't going to do anything.

Third, Sheriff Rick Bradshaw is an elected official. Call him and ask him as a concerned voter and tax-payer why it is that he has allowed Carol Verdigi to draw down her retirement, receive a $109,000 salary plus car and other perks AND pull another full time salary with truck at SH while using her badge to reek havoc on an innocent not for profit organization.

Fourth, as taxpayers, demand to know why it took over 14 police vehicles and two agencies with assault rifles to raid my home and remove a few electronic devices and files. Your tax dollars where used to harass, intimidate and discredit me and my work. Remember, it could be you or someone you love that it happens to the next time. Silence is deadly.

Next, demand that the current board be removed for unethical and immoral conduct. We have elections every April that are opened to the public, a public notice is to be posted one month in advance, it's in the bylaws. Not only did they not do this, they deliberately stonewalled everyone who called asking when and where the meeting was to be held, saying there wasn't going to be a meeting. We later found out that they held a private meeting amongst themselves, shutting the members and community out.

Last, share your stories and comments on any experiences you have had with this group both in the hospital, shelter and ranch. Report abuse to ACC, they have already had to go to SH once on complaints that they were withholding water from the dogs. SH was told that it was against the law in PBC to not supply an animal with water.

Again, thank you for listening and for caring.


Follow my Facebook for more information.

July 9, 2013:

More from SH and I warn u to get your tissues ready. Staff and volunteers are now coming forward. We met with a staffer today that informed us that they witnessed one of my rescues, a pit bull named Spanky, being strung up on a choke lead by you guessed it, Tibor Fegel. Mr. Fegel then allegedly ran the lead through the chain linked kennel to the other side. He then walked to the outside of the kennel and began to jerk and yank Spanky up against the kennel with Spanky flipping out in terror, choking and trying to get away. While he pulled, we are told that Patty Amoroso's idiot son PJ, went into Spanky's kennel and kicked him repeatedly to further agitate him into trying to bite.

The end result??? Spanky had to be rushed to our hospital in Jupiter due to heat exhaustion, and severe burns to his face and neck where he was repeatedly choked and slammed against the fence! This breaks my heart, Spanky was one of my favorite dogs.

What haunts me, is what these poor animals must be thinking...Where did the loving people go, what did I do wrong to now be back in the hands of cruel ruthless people.

I'm literally having nightmares.

July 9, 2013:

Dogs muzzled on hot days.

July 9, 2013

Today's story from Safe Harbor. Please keep in mind, that this comes second hand from a very credible source.

It is alleged that a guy by the name of Mike, who was a good friend of Patty Palmer's son, Teddy, was caught having sex with another staff member in a dog kennel out at the Palm City ranch. Wonder who was caring for the animals while these two were engaged in unacceptable sexual misconduct? Anyway, we are told that it wasn't until Mike kicked a puppy in the head that he was written up and later fired! How many more animals have to suffer or die before someone does something about the situation at SH? The only negative thing anyone has ever heard about me, is the fabricated stories these monsters made up about me. NEVER, have I ever been questioned for animal cruelty or unethical conduct in my 28 year career.

What are we, as concerned animal lovers going to do about the situation at SH?! We must all come together and unite, if we are going to get rid of these people. The animals need us.



Acticle on past abuse claims invloving Safe Harbor's new Dog Trainers' Methods Trigger Abuse Claims

February 4, 2009 | By Karen Adams |


New York City dog trainer Tibor Feigel knows firsthand the weight various thoughts of obedience can hold; he has been criticized online for abusing dogs, but he says that his training methods are just misunderstood. (Pet Pulse Photo by Tim Mattson)

Controversy in
the world of dog training, with old methods pitted against the new. Some call the old way of training abusive, preferring the newer method of encouragement and reward. One New York city-based trainer has come under scrutiny for his training techniques.

NEW YORK -- Dog training has never been more glamorous than in the past few years, following the 2004 debut of National Geographic Channel's hit series "Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan."

While the show has brought canine care and training to the forefront of American households, a shroud of confusion still engulfs the booming industry of dog training.

"You know there are TV shows, and they are very entertaining, but it's a TV show and really serious problems can't be fixed in a half an hour," said Barbara Dyer, New Jersey director of the Humane Society of America.

Among behaviorists and devoted animal lovers, a debate wages between various schools of thought, as the general public is stuck waffling -- trying to make sense of new terms such as clickers, "flooding" and being a pack leader.

That is where trainers, like New York City-based Tibor Feigel, are getting caught in the crossfire. Feigel runs the NYC-based company, Zen K-9, and he and his workers are often seen walking and training packs of dogs, big and small, in the public fish bowl of Central Park.

Although Feigel is often praised for putting his clients' dogs into a Zen-like state, his methods have come under scrutiny, launching an Internet campaign against him and his company.

One anonymous e-mail that was forwarded to Pet Pulse News read, " ... a pack walking company named Zen K-9 is using force to train and walk the dogs. They have been seen punching, kicking, hanging and two dogs died running in traffic as the head trainer was loading his van."

Other similar e-mails and online postings flooded the message board under the company’s demo on YouTube.com. However, Pet Pulse News was unable to track down or identify the people behind the e-mails.

Despite the reports that have surfaced online, mainly on YouTube.com, the New York Police Department and Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals have not received any formal complaints against Zen K-9.

However, Rescue Ink, a New York City-based rescue nonprofit, received approximately 300 complaints about Feigel's training techniques. Rescue Ink members say that they believe there is no merit to the claims, given the lack of first-hand accounts.

Rescue Ink also has not found a picture or video proving the alleged abuse.

Feigel says he believes that a female competitor is behind the attacks and has hired an attorney, who has virtually had most of the e-mail messages deleted from Internet message boards.

Feigel did say, however, that some people may misinterpret his techniques as excessive.

"Of course, people see us submitting the dog ... Submission is the question pretty much. Is it my technique that's harsh?" asked Feigel, who often trains dogs with behavioral issues.

"I believe in the very calm, but assertive energy and as long as we can keep that in front of them, there is no need for punching, kicking, hitting, or even using just a piece of stick to get them to where they need to be."

Contrary to the Internet claims, no animal has ever died in his care, says Feigel, who also uses assertive body language and a training collar for correcting.

"So old school, new school, I'm using everything that is out there," Feigel said. "I would never harm or abuse an animal."

Claims like the ones made against Feigel, regardless of their actual authenticity, are never to be taken lightly when first presented. In a separate case, one 30-year dog training veteran has recently learned that all too well, as he is now facing animal cruelty charges in New Jersey.

Abuse Claims Land Trainer in Court

Jeffrey Loy is accused of using, among other things, a cattle prod, a sling shot, a PVC pipe and his bare hands to curb a dog's behavior.

"I was appalled when I heard that and really shocked that anybody would do some of those things," Dyer said.

New Jersey SPCA's Cpl. Al Peterson says Loy's methods have been objected to by professionals in the animal cruelty, the animal behavior and the animal training industries.

The seven cases now pending against Loy date back to 1995, which is within New Jersey's statute of limitation. Cpl. Peterson says many people feared coming forward before now because of threats Loy made against them, their pets and veterinarians.

"One of the complainants had described to me that he was afraid to come forward for fear of a lawsuit," Peterson said.

All of Loy's clients signed non-disclosure and hold-harmless agreements. He was paid up to a thousand dollars a session. Authorities say some of them were referred to Loy by their veterinarians. As part of the Loy investigation, officials are looking into whether the vets knew of Loy's training methods and participated in the harassment of his clients.

Barbara Dyer, with the NJ State Humane Society, says fear should never be a part of dog training.

"A trainer really shouldn't dominate a dog or you," she said. "If your dog is afraid of the trainer, you should be afraid, also ... Any training methods that punishes or uses submission is out of date. Everything today is positive."

Knowing What's Abuse & What's Not

Usually consumers can trust professionals, but in an unregulated industry, pet owners are wise to be fully aware of various training techniques.

Dyer says any training methods that punish or use submission is out-of-date. Feigel, who does use submission as part of his training for certain dogs, falls within this category.

"They think submission is pinning an animal to the ground and keeping it there," Fiegel said of the kinds of methods which give submission a bad name. "Submission can just be me looking at a dog and he is going to respond by sitting down or laying down."

The Humane Society of the United States, the SPCA and law enforcement agencies all say any type of physical or mental abuse is unacceptable. This includes, choking, yelling or screaming, kicking, punching, and the use of shock collars.

"Anything that falls into the guideline of animal cruelty is not animal behavior modification, it is not training," said Cpl. Peterson.

The best method, according to the Humane Society of the United States, is encouragement and reward.

"Trust yourself, you may not quite understand what is going on, but if it doesn't seem right, stop it," Dyer advised. "Stop the session and speak to your trainer about it."

The HSUS also encourages pet owners to trust their instincts about trainers and to use common sense. If you suspect your pet is being harmed, report it immediately to either the SPCA or the local authorities.

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July 7, 2013

I'm sorry, but his pictures just get better and better. Here you have two dogs, the pit looks terrified and the bulldog is straining to pull and look away. For a so-called animal behaviorist, I would think that he would have been a little more selective in the pics he chose to share on his site. I haven't found one picture of a happy, confident dog!



And yet another.... Tibor is in this dog's face, staring him down, hand pressed against the dog's lower jaw and of course, a metal choke chain!!!!

Here's another happy Tibor dog. Poor dog is pulled in close to Tibor, he is over the dog and has his hand gripping the right side of the dog's head. Doesn't he look at peace, almost meditative and zen like? Really?!

Does this look like a happy, confident dog to you? As Tibor stares him down, his head is lowered, he's looking away and he is drooling. No, this is a dog that is intimidated and scared to make eye contact with this monster!!!!

July 7, 2013

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't words like Zen, Buddhism, meditation, make you think of a peaceful, calming, loving, nonviolent experience? Ironically, when researching this so-called trainer Tibor, that has allegedly now choked two dogs to near death at SH, I found his site and it is called ZEN K9. He boasts that he uses a Buddhist approach when training your dog, that it's almost like the dogs are meditating when he is done with them. Hmmmm, are they in a meditative state or are they in an oxygen deprived coma after being choked, baited and sat upon?

In his profile pic, Tibor is laying next to a dog and the poor dog has his head lowered and turned as far away from this guy's invasive stare as possible. Behaviorally speaking, the poor dog looks frightened, intimidated and shamed. I've worked with animals all of my life and the last thing you want to do is break an animal's spirit. At SH, we used happy, positive reinforcement to build confidence and trust. We gave cookies and dog ice cream for rewards as well as upbeat, cheerful voice commands. I have been told by staff and volunteers that they are no longer "allowed" to give the dogs treats, per Tibor. In my 28 years at SH, never did I condone animal cruelty or brutality, I would fire a person for screaming at a dog or jerking on a leash. Most of the animals we took in came from cruel, abusive backgrounds and needed compassion and nurturing to bring them back to life. I ask you, if an animal cannot find love and comfort at a humane organization, then where? Trainers like this Tibor guy have one thing in common, power and control at any cost, they can't control things in their own lives, so they pick on small, defenseless creatures.

We have been told by distraught staff and volunteers that they have brought this matter to the attention of Patty Palmer, her son's PJ and Teddy as well as Carol Verdigi, only to be written up, suspended without pay or fired. These are the people "in charge" and they are the ones that are allowing Tibor to continue his reign of terror over these poor dogs. I implore you to google these people and try to find anywhere, animal welfare experience!!!

If everything we are hearing is true and we have an eye witness that is going on record and is willing to testify in a court of law, I strongly urge you to PLEASE look into this guy before subjecting your pet to his brutal tactics or before referring him for dog training. His name is Tibor Feigel, he is from Hungary and the name of his business is ZEN K9.

July 6, 2013

Another heartbreaking story from Safe Harbor:

This devastating story comes from a woman who was rocked to the core by the inhumane treatment she received at SH's hospital a few weeks ago. This woman's dog, which she had adopted from SH several years ago, became critically ill, not eating, vomiting, couldn't go to the bathroom. She rushed him to the pet emerge where her finances were quickly drained on "diagnostic" testing. They suspected a blockage, but when she told them she was out of money, she was turned away. She then took her beloved pet, who I believe she said was around 5 year of age, to SH, because of her financial status, was told that all they could do was put the dog to sleep. Devastated and not wanting the dog to suffer any longer, she agreed. Here's the OMG kicker. Several hours later, she received a call from "someone" at SH to inform her that after killing her pet, they did a necropsy and YES, in fact the dog did have a blockage, it was a sock!!! So the kind, caring people at SH, couldn't nor wouldn't give her a payment plan to perform life saving surgery, but spent the time and money after killing him to perform a necropsy!!!!! No one, can ever say that I ever turned away or killed an animal do to the owners inability to pay. They are destroying the very foundation in which I created SH, the foundation that no animal should have to suffer or die, because of an owner's financial status. I will continue to post these stories and turn up the heat until these people are brought to justice.

July 5, 2013

To all concerned animal lovers,

It is with great concern and heavy heart that I post this message.
For almost six months now, I have had to sit by quietly, while "monsters" destroy the organization that I worked 28 years to establish. I wasn't running a crack house, gambling parlor or whore house, but a rescue for abused, neglected, injured and abandoned animals. My passion in life!!


Lets take a look at the last 6 months of my life.

First I was accused of misappropriation of funds; an out and out slanderous lie; CLEARED! So then they abused their powers and had my home raided by two different police agencies, 17 police vehicles and every media outlet in the the tri-county area, stating the probable cause was scheming to defraud for $50,000 or more, another lie that didn't stick! Then they brought the cops in to interrogate my veterinarians, trying to persuade them to say that I was obtaining controlled substances from them; not even worth dignifying!

Latest form of harassment was reporting to the media that I had been sending animals to Animal Control to be killed after hours betraying the public's trust, that ended with the director of ACC stating on TV, that I had NEVER turned an animal over to be killed, EVER!!!!

QUESTION, where is all the media when these individuals are destroying a charitable organization and animals are being abused, terrorized and choked to the brink of death???? Oh, that's right, don't want to anger or get on the wrong side of Carol Verdigi and the PBSO!!! Let's just destroy innocent people's lives and then move on.

So here's the deal, it has finally occurred to me as well as others, that besides every attempt to discredit or destroy my standing in the community, even at the risk of Patty Palmer Ameroso and Carol Verdigi committing perjury, they have been keeping you, the public and I, so distracted with their slanderous and defamatory accusations, that it has taken away from what is REALLY most important, THE ANIMALS!!!!

Up until now, it has worked, but as of today, no matter what, I am going to post everything that comes out of Safe Harbor concerning cruelty to animals, apathy towards animal owners and their pet's needs and the destruction of Safe Harbor. Even though my constitutional rights have been violated beyond comprehension, I still have the right to be heard. I am called daily with horror stories of abuse, neglect, nepotism and cronyism at Safe Harbor, but no one as of yet, because of intimidation and strong arm tactics, has come forward to do the right thing by SPEAKING OUT!!!

The animals have no voice, their lives depend on us to be their voice, so I will no longer sit silent. Today's story comes from an employee who was forced to witness a heinous act of animal cruelty at the hands of SH's so called trainer Tibore of Zin Canine. It is alleged that his tactics have upset and disturbed volunteers and staff so badly, that they only use him behind closed doors at our Palm City Ranch. The ranch I understand is only staffed by Patty Palmer Ameroso's kids, nieces and nephews, none of which have any animal welfare, education or background training, but are there for job security and a pay check! It is "alleged" that this Tibore took a pathetic, frightened Coonhound, named Meme, that we personally rescued from animal control under my direction, when I was still at Safe Harbor, cornered her in her kennel, then brought two leashed pit bulls into "her" kennel to agitate her into attacking. First, out of shear terror and intimidation, she defecated all over herself, she then, out of fear for her life, attacked the leashed dogs, sending one to the hospital for stitches!!!!!!! Tibore, then allegedly choked her out, dragged her out of her kennel and sat on her, choking her for over 10 minutes until she was bleeding from the nose and mouth!!!! This was not his first choking victim. Lillie, a sad, little female pit was also choked to death a few months ago at the hands of this monster and was then revived by one of our staff members who knew pet CPR. When media tried to investigate, staff was threatened with termination and retaliation. It is my understanding that Lilly has never been the same, probably because of a lack of oxygen to the brain during the choking incident!!!!!

I'm sorry, but in the state of Florida, THAT IS CALLED BAITING and it is a third degree felony in the state of Florida punishable by 5 years in prison and or $5,000 fine, but that's right, I'm the one being investigated!!!!!!!

I am devastated as well as sick to my stomach over this latest story!!!!
Can u imagine the shear terror, the fear, the desperation these poor animals must have gone through at the hands of this monster? Until this new "regime" took over, these broken creatures new only love, compassion and patience by the hands of our staff, all of which have now been fired and replaced with apathetic, incompetent, self-serving family members and friends.

It is alleged that this Tibore was run out of NY for cruelty to animals, he has now allegedly been run out of several local animal organizations for heavy handedness and cruelty, but SH loves him!!! Here's the kicker, it is also alleged that it was Cassie Covacks, the cruelty investigator for the PBC Sheriffs department and also one of the new board members that helped to destroy me, that brought the SOB to SH to begin with. What does that tell you her lack of empathy concerning her own job? Guess what? Our tax dollars pay for her indefinite tenure as a county employee!!!!!

Recently, letters were sent out to the general membership and flyers placed all over town, "begging" for money and stating that it will take a "miracle" to save SH. It also boasts of a "New Beginning" for SH because the prior "director's" intentions were misguided!!!!


I kept SH going, growing and thriving for 28 years, even through some of the worst of financial times and they have managed to basically bankrupt it in a matter of 4-5 months? Hmmmmm, what's missing here, could it be "PASSION", "COMPASSION", "DEDICATION" "COMMITMENT" ?????? You all tell me, because I just don't understand how a community can sit back and watch this bloody train wreck!!!!

Here are the names you need to be aware of, that are behind this tragedy, Patty Palmer Amoroso; background radio advertising sales, Carol Verdigi; PBC Sheriff's deputy, retired, brought back to be Bradshaw's "party planner" while drawing down on early retirement and pension and now making $109,000 plus company truck and perks all being paid for with you tax dollars and she is allegedly drawing my salary on top of it!!!! Cassie Covacks, another government crony, that serves as the "cruelty" investigator, yeah right, for the PBSO, Diana Nelson, oh yeah, a retired government crony from, you got it, the PBSO. People our tax dollars are underwriting and supporting these leaching sycophants, at the price of destroying one of the most amazing animal organizations in the Southern United States!


I am asked by people daily, should they continue to support SH and up until now, I didn't have the heart to say NO!!!! However, I no longer am able to do that. If you have any questions or doubts about giving, I would say to first demand to see their financials, board reports and minutes, as well as the payroll of the present board members and their never ending list of friends and family that are on the dole!!! That includes all perks, company credit cards and company vehicles that have been purchased with SH donations!! I ran a VERY transparent operation, no locked doors or drawers, I invited people to take a look before they donated. It is my understanding that these people keep everything very tight lipped and behind closed doors, they didn't even have the decency to publicly post their annual membership meeting so that you and members of the public could attend, which is conditional of any 501 (c) 3 charitable organization. They BELIEVE that they are above the law and so far, they have gotten away with it!!!

If you are then satisfied with your findings, then and only then can you make an educated and moral decision about giving to SH!!!! Some of you will say that by not giving it will hurt the animals, however, at this rate, do you really want your money going to support animal cruelty and neglect as well as cronyism and nepotism?????? The only thing that will help the animals right now is to CLEAN HOUSE!!!!!!

We are in the process of getting the SH website back up, because it belongs to me, as does the domain name. We are going to use it as a blogging board for concerned animal lovers to post their thoughts, ideas and recent experiences with or at SH. I will keep you posted.

Thank you for allowing me to vent, but I just can no longer sit quiet. The criminal end of the "investigation" has been closed due to no evidence of any wrong doing. Imagine that???? Other than my computers, I still don't have any of my personal belongings back that were taken in the raid, nor do I think I will ever get it all back. On the inventory list of the dozens of boxes taken from me and my children that day, it reads rooms A, B, C etc.... file folder and other "MISCELLANEOUS" items, we were locked out of the house for 4 hours, so we haven't any idea what in God's name "Miscellaneous" stands for. Welcome to America, the new police state!!!!

By the way and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, if something should happen to me, fatal car accident, mysterious death, disappearance, etc..... PLEASE, someone, have it investigated and start with the PBSO. My family and I have been made to live in a constant state fear and intimidation since this all began, but I just can't sit back and keep my mouth shut one more minute, it's not who I am nor is it how I have raised my children to live their lives.
Rest assured, if I don't take Safe Harbor back, I will start another animal welfare organization, it's who I am, it's in my DNA.

Thank you for listening and PLEASE, share this post with anyone who cares.

I leave you with one of my favorite sayings and one that I have always lived my life by:


For those who have no Voice,
Kay- Lynette Roca

















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